When you hold 10 Euro or 10 dollars in your hand, you are holding 2 lives in your hand.

10 Euros or 10 dollars can save 2 lives - when it's used to help provide a life-saving mosquito net!  

It's a fact.  Mosquito nets are a proven way of saving lives from mosquito bites and malaria.  The nets create a barrier that effectively shields human skin from mosquitoes - at the time of greatest vulnerability - when asleep.

Today, you can help to save 2 lives from malaria.  Its as simple as 1, 2, 3:

1. Make a donation of $10 Euros or 10 Dollars.
. We use these funds to provide a net to a family - where it will be used by 2 people - for example a couple or a mother and her baby / child.  
3. The net will keep 2 people safe from the threat of malaria for several years.  
Simple, life-saving and powerful!

Give a mosquito net - save a life



Q: Can I make a donation online?
A: Yes, you can - help provide a mosquito net here.

Q: Are mosquito nets really an effective method of curbing malaria?
A: Yes, a significant percentage fo bites take place when people are asleep - and less aware that they are being bitten.

Q: Do people really use the nets?
A: Yes they do - the nets help them sleep peacefully - safe and free from bites.

Join us in saving lives today!




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