How many times growing up did you hear your parents say,  "Eat your food, it will make you grow up big and strong" or  "You are not leaving the table until you finish all of your food".   

Most of us take our meals for granted, especially as children, but the 22 children in the Dream Home are orphans and depend on us to make sure they are getting nutritious meals.  Your generous support is making that possible.   

Your donations have helped purchase food staples such as: fruits, vegetables, grains, protein foods (fish, bread, eggs, fish, peanut butter, rice, vegetables, and dairy.  Your support has also helped purchase food for special celebrations such as birthdays, Easter and the second anniversary of the Dream Home.  The pictures below show some of the recent celebrations held at the Dream Home.

The kids are healthy and strong thanks to the nutritious food we are providing them together.  We are so thankful you are a part of our village raising the Dream Home children - helping them to grow and mature into healthy adults.

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