Develop Africa launched a GlobalGiving project to provide and report on remedial training to 100 girls who became pregnant during the Ebola crisis (and were temporarily out of school). Over the past 2 years, we have provided support to over one hundred young ladies that dropped out of school. 

Thanks to the generous grant we received from GlobalGiving and yourdonations, we provided psychosocial counseling, computer training, tutorials on school curriculum, scholarships, vocational training and micro-finance funds to over 100 pregnant girls. This targeted support helped to give them a new vision and reason to dream again. Below is a summary of our what you supported and made happen.

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Psychosocial Counseling: This counseling was central to our intervention because of the background of the ladies. In this counseling, we maintained a collaborative effort between the counselor and client, with the aim of helping these ladies set out goals and identify potential solutions to their problems. As a result of this, we have seen marked positive changes in their decision making with regard to their career choices and other aspects of their lives

Computer Proficiency Training: The computer lab was launched with the aim of giving these ladies the opportunity to become computer proficient. The excitement and enthusiasm of the ladies were very high. They deeply appreciated this opportunity. They started off with the basics of computers and have covered topics like MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Internet access and MS Access. They attained the desired goal of computer proficiency. The lab has served its original intended purpose and is now providing training to other youths in the community.

Tutorials on School Curriculum: In order to ensure that the pregnant ladies did not regress educationally, we incorporated selected subjects from the school curriculum tutorials as part of our intervention. We covered subjects such as English language, Social Studies, Integrated Science and Mathematics for junior school students and Cost Accounting, Financial Accounting, Mathematics, English Language, Literature, History, and Government for senior school students. This served as a springboard for most of them to go back to the formal school system.

Microfinance Support: This was launched in order to support the ladies who had decided to start a small business - either as a means to help support them while in school or as a full-time occupation.  This support is helping them become self- reliant. So far microfinance support has been provided to seven ladies. In June, we visited each of the ladies and we are delighted to report that their businesses have grown.  They are able to take care of their babies, families, studies and themselves. 

Vocational Training Support: During our psychosocial counseling sessions with the ladies we noticed that some of these ladies did not have the desire to continue traditional, formal schooling.  So we encouraged them to learn new skills. Some of these young ladies adhered to the advice and we got them enrolled in various institutions to learn skills. Thanks to your support, five ladies are now enrolled in Cosmetology and Hair Designing, Business Studies and Human Resource Management 

Scholarships: We provided scholarship funds to nine beneficiaries. Funds were geared towards their school fee, school materials and transportation to and from school and extra classes to help them prepare for exams. 

Special Requests / Miscellaneous Support: We were also able to provide financial support to 6 ladies to help them take care of themselves and their babies.  Funds helped to cover transportation, hospital costs, rent, and food.

As you can see from the above summary, we have together enabled and touched many lives. Their lives will never be the same again because of YOUR support. Because of your support, this remedial project has been a huge success. Over 100 lives have been strengthened and impacted. We rejoice in our joint impact.

Going forward, we are continuing to provide on-going support to the ladies through scholarship assistance, microfinance support and vocational training. We are firmly committed, more than ever before, to helping the original set of 100+ plus ladies and many more pregnant ladies start over again and pursue their dreams.   Please see the links below for different ways you can continue to support these young moms.

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We deeply appreciate all you have done and continue to do to make the world a better place.

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